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Say goodbye to baby-blue blocks and pink squares. Tile flooring has taken on a new life – and it’s surprisingly elegant. Not only are tiles trending largely to trick the eye into seeing more square footage, but textures and colors are more dynamic than ever before.

With marble-mimicking porcelain floors and ceramic tile passing as concrete, there’s a tile for every style. Whether you’re striving for minimalism or trying to nail that modern design, today’s luxury tile floor will surely get you there.


When your modern design is more Miami than mid-century, let marble tile give you that old Hollywood glam. Keep in mind, though, marble is also a high-maintenance flooring option. If you want less upkeep, porcelain tile – like the Stratus design – can achieve the same gorgeous, veining effect.


Minimalist architecture came about post-World War I when glass, concrete, and steel were widely available. It didn’t take long for those elements to spill over into interior design, leading to the concept of a minimalist home.

Even today, glass, concrete, and steel still define the essence of minimalism because they offer clean lines, create open space, and reflect natural light. While steel is not a popular flooring material, you will commonly find wood and concrete covering the floors in a minimalist design. Of course, there’s always an opportunity to elevate the design. For minimalist flooring that’s a bit more luxurious, try these tiles on for size:


For smaller areas, such as the bathroom or laundry room, you can create traditional style flooring with textured stone tile. This usually consists of a beige travertine, but you could also use a multi-toned porcelain tile, like the Cipriani.

Thanks to an expanding variety of options, luxury tile floor can easily be incorporated into any design. The key is finding the right balance of texture and color to define the space. Not sure where to start? Let the flooring experts at Chen Depot help. 

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