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About Us

We source our materials from vendors celebrated not only for their proven excellence but also for their affordability. 

Dollar for dollar, we leverage our buying power to pass savings onto customers. With faster lead times, cutting-edge machinery, streamlined processes and the best price-to-quality ratio in the nation, economical fulfillment is the Chen Depot signature.


We believe that your kitchen cabinets should help develop a sanctuary that offers a perfect balance of functionality and ambiance. With a range of styles, materials, and finishes available, Chen Depot offers a multitude of options catering to your specific taste and needs. We make building a luxury kitchen affordable, without compromising on comfort, quality, and efficiency. There truly is no better blend of style, selection, and price than Chen Depot cabinets. Our unique collections transform modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out, adorning kitchen walls throughout the nation.


We value our ambitious and skilled community and recognize its crucial contributions to our nationwide success. By promoting a work-life balance through enjoyable perks and activities, we pride ourselves on being a company that nurtures the feeling of one large extended family. Like any strong relationship, we are always here to offer support and guidance to both our employees and dealers. We believe that a teamwork-based culture will yield the best possible experiences for everyone.

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